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Although the role of the sika deer adds a layer of complexity: For one, how precisely did the unusual nose first evolve? LifestyleViral and Trending. Her dad decided to video shoot her reaction even as she covered her eyes and screamed upon witnessing the raw moment. There are numerous documented instances of animal masturbationa habit enjoyed by primates as well as creatures including dolphins, elephants, penguins, and bats. Kate and William won't know baby's gender until birth.

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A new study nearly two decades in the making sheds light on how the endangered—and distinctive—primate evolved.

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Males with more delicate facial features, however, more often live in bachelor groups. Koda confirmed that bigger noses alter the calls' loudest frequencies in ways that communicate the males' heft and nose size—giving faraway females a chance to weigh their attractiveness, sight unseen. Three-year-old Gracie Hennessy was on a safari trip with her family when the incident occurred. Males and females of a given animal species often look strikingly different, and primates are no exception. For one, how precisely did the unusual nose first evolve?

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